This is me and you know me, otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Anyhow, for the record, my full name is:

Azeem Ahmad Zaheer

you can find me online on Linkedin;


the best way to contact me is by e-mail, so write to;


A reason !! why this site is still under construction?

Life is all about priorities. Everybody knows that the presence on the web is the first priority nowadays but whenever you try to spend some time to do something for yourself, there are always other priorities, you have to do that first and you will not get enough time for yourself. The same happened to me also. I wanted to make an introductory site for me and my family so that we can introduce ourselves to others in the most modern way of the 21st century but due to a shortage of time, it is still under construction.

As you see that I have spent some time on it, I think it will be never completed and will remain under construction because of the changes in our lives and priorities.

I will try my best to put more and more about us on this family site in near future. I do not promise to complete this site ever. You know very best " why? "

Azeem Ahmad Zaheer